You Wont Believe The Scenes Captured On A Single Bench In Barcelona

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Photographer Gabor Erdelyi created a series called Life of a Bench that caught the daily scenes on and around a public bench in Barcelona, Spain. The 100 images of the bench are photos of life in Barceloneta, Barcelonas coastal district. Since its the same bench over a series of days, you can see the kind of individuals that were caught. From rich to poor, old and youths of all walks of life used the bench as a space to meet other individuals, rest, and simply take a 2nd out of their day to relax and unwind. Benches, yo. The next big thing.

Inspect out some of the images below:

A friendly party. The bench makes for a perfect meet-up area.

Viral Nova

Viral Nova The word Barcelona originates from the Iberian word Barkeno which was found on an ancient coin. There are likewise some sources that say the name comes from the Carthaginian generals name Hamilcar Barca who presumably helped discovered the city in the 3rd century B.C. The citys name is abbreviated to Barna, not Barca as many foreign visitors assume. The mythological creator of the city is the famous figure of Hercules nevertheless, historical evidence indicate the previously mentioned Hamilcar Barca.

A napping location for a worn out pooch. That pet dog is my spirit animal.

Viral Nova

< img class="size-full wp-image-10874" src="" alt="Viral Nova" width="650" height="433" > Viral Nova La Barceloneta is a neighborhood in Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona and it was built during the 18th century. It was built specifically for residents of the Ribera community who had to move since of building and construction of the Ciudadela of Barcelona. Its approximately the shape of a triangle and is known for its spectacular beaches. In the middle of the community, theres a museum called the Casa de la Barceloneta which is a building that goes back to 1761.