VERY IMPORTANT FACT TO BE KEPT IN MIND…… Keep Your Wallet Out of Your Back Pocket

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Heres an ergonomic tip to instantly enhance your posture and ease unpleasant back discomfort. We are taught from an early age that wallets enter your back pocket. Thats a bad, bad thing. Its almost as if the clothes designers are in cahoots with the wallet manufacturers to make sure thats where they go. The only issue is that a wallet in your back pocket hurts your posture and can cause back, neck and shoulder pain.


Standing up the back pocket is a great place to stow your wallet. However when you sit down you begin an avalanche of body mechanic issues. When one cheek is higher than the other you wind up twisting the hips. This is bad enough but it doesn’t stop there. The spine becomes misaligned. Then your shoulders slump. And you actually begin to harm after that.

When you sit down you begin an avalanche of body mechanic problems. Your body has to make up for that imbalance through a complex and nearly totally unconscious mechanism including the muscles, bones, and most notably the anxious system. If it didnt, you would be sitting there like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Thankfully, the body instinctively attempts to keep the head focused over the hips. Someplace in between your lower back and the base of your skull, your spinal column makes a course correction. This may involve one or perhaps two compensatory curves. Now when one cheek is greater than the other you wind up twisting the hips. This is bad enough but it does not stop there. The spinal column ends up being misaligned. Then your shoulders depression. This is why wallets can cause neck, upper back and shoulder pain too.

Even if you are thinking, I have actually done that for many years and haven’t had any pain in the back, still stop. You are just increasing your chance of having a bad back, or making something that has already begun to get back at worse up until ultimately you will feel it.


Wallet in Pocket

Wallet in Pocket I have heard all the reasons imaginable … I stabilize it out by putting something just as thick in the other back pocket … Oh, my wallet slides to the side of my back pocket when I take a seat …(and No. 1) I constantly take it out when I take a seat. In some cases I think that I would be able to eliminate 70 percent of all guys pain in the back if I were simply able to encourage our types to stop this bad routine.

The solution is so easy! It does not even involve diet plans, salves, swallowing big blue and orange colored tablets, evaluations of formerly unprecedented parts of your anatomy, using sophisticated electronic imagery, or experimental treatments not covered by your medical insurance. Nevertheless, inning accordance with spine care, it does involve exercise, so prepare for an exercise:

1. BEFORE YOU SIT DOWN, REACH AROUND BEHIND YOU. For a few of us, this certifies as extending.
3. LOCATION THE WALLET IN AN OPTION LOCATION. A discussion of which areas are more or less safe and secure than being nestled beside your tush falls outside the scope of this post. Even when it is in your front pocket a smaller wallet will be an advantage (wont be pick-pocketed)
4. SIT DOWN on the chair, sofa, or love seat of your option.
You will instantly sense of enhanced wellness, understanding that your pelvis is set down on a level surface and all of the musculoskeletal structures above it are better off for your effort.

The healthiest alternative is to move that wallet to your front pocket. If you need to keep you wallet in your back pocket you must eliminate it before you take a seat. Perhaps even get one of those classy wallets with the chain so you always remember it. You must likewise keep your wallet as thin as possible. Even when it remains in your front pocket a smaller wallet will be a benefit.