9 Spicy Food Items We Pakistanis Cant Live Without

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Through our behavior, culture, traditions, attitude, and so on, we Pakistanis have made it clear that we love food. And most often, we tend to forget to mention the items that actually provide the kick in spicy flavor to our already savory delights. So, enjoy and cherish these items because they truly make our cuisine yummier than it already is!

1. Whats Biryani without dahi ka raita?

Biryani with raita
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2. Or BBQ without mint chutney?

BBQ with mint chutney
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3. And imlee kee chutney with almost everything?

Imlee kee chutney
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4. Home food without Achaar? Thats just not impossible.

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5. What about ambi kee chutney during mango season?

Ambee kee chutney
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6. And poodinay kee mixed with green chilis and eaten spicy rice and chicken karahi?

Mint sauce
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7. Even our snacks cannot be eaten without Knors chili garlic ketchup…

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8. Also, samosas with chanay kee chutney or the orange one.

Samosa kee chutney
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9. Dahi Bhalay- everyones favorite, eaten as appetizer, with main course, snack time, and as dessert!

Dahi bhallay
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So, whats your favorite food item that you cant eat anything without?