25 Amazingly Fun Glow In The Dark DIY Projects For Kids

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Wintertime often means power outages, which are never fun. Even if you maintain power during those cold winter nights, sometimes there’s just no fun in colder weather. Whether you’re looking for activities for winter or you want something that the kids will enjoy when it’s warm enough to be outdoors at night, I’ve got a great collection of 25 amazingly fun DIY projects that you can do with your little ones – and these projects all glow in the dark!

While you’re looking for activities to keep the kids busy, be sure to check out this amazing 37 parenting hacks round-up. Now, back to the list. There is definitely something in here that you are going to want to make with your little ones. From glow in the dark bowling to calming bathtub activities – that also glow in the dark – your kids are going to flip when they see these projects! I have to say, I got a little excited myself. I have loved glow in the dark projects since I was a kid and my kids love them as well. I can’t wait to grab a few of these and try them out.

There’s a great glow in the dark slime recipe in here, and when you make it you just have to check out this fun sensory project for kids that shows you how to blow bubbles in slime. It’s fun and educational – two of my most favorite things!

With a constellation jar, a glow in the dark galaxy, and even cotton candy that glows, I just know you and your little ones are going to love this project list. Pick a new glow in the dark project for every week, or stick with your favorite. Be sure to let me know which ones you have tried. I always enjoy hearing how awesome your projects are!

1. Glow In The Dark Bowling

Glow In The Dark Bowling - 25 Amazingly Fun Glow In The Dark DIY Projects For KidsBy sticking glow sticks into ordinary water bottles, you can create a fun game of glow in the dark bowling. You just use empty clear bottles and then add an activated glow stick. You can get glow sticks at the Dollar Tree and they normally come two or three to a package. Once you have your “pins” set up, just use any ball you want to knock them down. This is a super fun game for late summer nights and would be perfect to take along on camping trips.

Tutorial: mykidsadventures

2. Glowing Bedtime Bottle

Glowing Bedtime Bottle - 25 Amazingly Fun Glow In The Dark DIY Projects For KidsNo, this isn’t an infant bottle – it’s a great bottle that glows in the dark, which helps to calm children down before bedtime. This is perfect for active children who need to tone it down just a notch so that they can easily fall asleep. The empty water bottle is filled with hair gel, glow in the dark paint, and glow in the dark mini stars. The stars “dance” around, which mesmerizes children and helps them to calm down and get ready to drift off into dreamland.

Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

3. Glow In The Dark Bathtub Fun

Glow In The Dark Bathtub Fun - 25 Amazingly Fun Glow In The Dark DIY Projects For KidsThese fun glow in the dark balloons are perfect for bath time fun. You just blow up balloons, add activated glow sticks, tie the balloons up and then let the kids have a ball. Warning – this could get messy as kids throw the balloons back and forth. Water may hit the floor – but that’s what makes it such a fun activity. If you don’t want to clean up water in the bathroom, this is also a great outdoor activity or maybe a fun pool game at night.

Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

4. Glowing Sidewalk Chalk

Glowing Sidewalk Chalk - 25 Amazingly Fun Glow In The Dark DIY Projects For KidsNot only does this sidewalk chalk glow in the dark, you save money because you make it yourself. I love the idea of making sidewalk chalk. Although it’s not terribly expensive, any time you can save money is a great time, right? So, you need plaster of Paris, glow in the dark paint, and an ice cube tray to create these amazing chalks. There as much fun to make as they are to use, and kids will adore making messages on the sidewalk that will glow when nighttime arrives.

Tutorial: growingajeweledrose

5. Out Of This World Constellation Jar

Out Of This World Constellation Jar - 25 Amazingly Fun Glow In The Dark DIY Projects For KidsThis constellation jar is made to house the Big Dipper and it’s amazing! This is a great project to use up one of those mason jars that you have ready for crafting. You’ll need to get an image of the Big Dipper and draw it on the jar – there are a few other steps, too. When you’re finished, you’ll have captured the galaxy, particularly the Big Dipper part of it. Or, choose your own favorite constellation – or even make them all!

Tutorial: momdot

6. Awesome Glowing Dream Catcher

Awesome Glowing Dream Catcher - 25 Amazingly Fun Glow In The Dark DIY Projects For KidsThis amazing dream catcher is a paper plate with glowing mini stars throughout. I love this idea for decorating a little one’s room. It makes wonderfully homemade décor during the day and turns into a glowing dream catcher at night, complete with soothing stars to help lull little ones to sleep. You could add glow in the dark paint to the actual paper plate itself or just attach glowing mini stars for the glow in the dark effect.

Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

7. Glow In The Dark Cotton Candy

Glow In The Dark Cotton Candy - 25 Amazingly Fun Glow In The Dark DIY Projects For KidsMy favorite part of the county fair growing up was cotton candy. I still love it to this day. I also really love these glow in the dark cotton candies – and kids will adore them, too. You don’t actually do anything to the cotton candy itself. The glowing comes from LED cotton candy sticks that you can buy online. They’re made by Glo Cone and they are FDA approved, so they’re perfectly safe for your little ones. I love this idea of making glowing cotton candy – almost as much as I love eating cotton candy!

Tutorial: livinglocurto

8. Galaxy Jar

Galaxy Jar - 25 Amazingly Fun Glow In The Dark DIY Projects For KidsHere’s another great out of this world glowing jar idea that kids will love. This galaxy jar is made with an old mason jar and glow in the dark fabric paint – which you can pick up at just about any craft or fabric store. Kids will adore making their own version of the Milky Way and you’ll love how fascinated they are with their own little private galaxy.

Tutorial: momdot

9. Two Ingredient Glowing Glue

Two Ingredient Glowing Glue - 25 Amazingly Fun Glow In The Dark DIY Projects For KidsKids will love creating with their own glowing glue. You can easily create glue that glows in the dark by just mixing white glue with fluorescent paint. You just add a few drops of paint to your glue and shake well. Many stores offer school glue for under a dollar, especially during the fall, so you could afford to make an entire rainbow of glowing glues. Then just give the kids some construction paper and let them create pictures that will glow when the lights go out. This is a great project idea for cold, snowy or rainy days when you just can’t get outside.

Tutorial: growingajeweledrose

10. Glow In The Dark Shirts

Glow In The Dark Shirts - 25 Amazingly Fun Glow In The Dark DIY Projects For KidsThese glow in the dark star shirts are perfect for your Fourth of July celebrations this summer. Not only will they thrill kids who are wearing them, they make it a bit easier to keep an eye on your little ones when it’s dark outside because the shirts glow. You can use iron on appliques to get that glow in the dark look, or if you don’t want a shirt for the Fourth of July, you can buy glow in the dark fabric paint and create a shirt in any design your little one wants.

Tutorial: dukesandduchesses

11. Glowing Spider Webs

Glowing Spider Webs - 25 Amazingly Fun Glow In The Dark DIY Projects For KidsOkay, so I really don’t like spiders, but I do like these glow in the dark spider webs. These will be great for making your Halloween decorations just a bit spookier. There are a couple of reasons why I love this project. First, it glows in the dark. Second, gluing together the wooden craft sticks is a great project for younger children as it helps to develop fine motor skills. To make these, just hot glue craft sticks together and then use neon rubber bands to help them glow.

Tutorial: stillplayingschool

12. Glowing Volcano

Glowing Volcano - 25 Amazingly Fun Glow In The Dark DIY Projects For KidsThe next time your child needs to do a simple yet amazing science project, don’t just go for a boring old volcano. Make it a volcano that glows! You could even do this at home, even when you don’t need a project for school. This volcano erupts with glow in the dark lava – sure to excite kids, teachers, and parents alike. It takes basic materials – those that you would use to build a regular volcano – but it glows! Imagine your child’s excitement when they present this at their next science fair.

Tutorial: growingajeweledrose

13. Glow In The Dark Rice

Glow In The Dark Rice - 25 Amazingly Fun Glow In The Dark DIY Projects For KidsFirst of all, please do not allow your child to eat this rice! That said, this is an amazingly easy project and one that is going to thrill your children. It’s also a great idea for sensory play, which is important in growing children. To make each color, you need four cups of raw rice, neon paint, and rubbing alcohol. Let your child mix the ingredients together in a freezer bag and they can play to their heart’s desire. The rice really glows if you put it under a black light.

Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog